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Frequently asked

Questions about the session

Who is welcome?

All people who share an enthusiasm for BDSM. Regardless whether they identify themselves as men, women, couples, non-binary, transgender or intersexual. Your nationality, your age and your outer appearance, or a possible handicap don't matter to me. A well-groomed appearance should be self-evident.

How much is your tribute?

To grant an audience, based on dominance and devotion, means pure art for me. This is why sessions require a minimal time frame of 2 hours. Quality over quantity. The tribute therefore starts at 500, each additional hour is 250. The tribute for a playtime of 5 hours is 1000. A deposit is mandatory when making an appointment.

How "extreme" can you be?

Be careful what you wish for. I am able to create an audience wich is both exorbitantly sadistic and exceeding limits at the same time. However, this request is to be placed cautiously. 

How can I surprise you with a special treat?

I am not a fan of "cliché gifts" such as flowers. I have a preference for art, cigars, and Japanese whisky. Apart from that, I love high quality nappa leather items, e.g. shoes, boots, hats, gloves, jackets etc.

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Please take note that bookings for sessions can only be made within the time frames specified under my tour dates. Read them up yourself first!

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